How To Grow Your Manhood Without Harming Yourself

Today the main concern for any man is his sexual life and performance. There are many factors that affects ones sexual life such as low erection, uncontrolled ejaculation, weakness, small manhood etc. But the most important factor that affects the most is the penis size the whole factor depends on this one. Your small penis size will lead you to depression and stress as it is a matter of shame and humiliation in front of your female partner on bed and it also dissatisfy your partner. To enlarge their manhood size many men opt for different techniques to resolve it. So how could you judge that which one is best for you? It is difficult but with this article it will get easy for you.

Surgery is the fastest and the simplest technique for instant results. You have to just search for the best surgeon and he will take few hours to give you a new sized manhood. The surgery helps to increase the length and girth of your penis. This process involve the placement of fat cells from the abdominal portion to the penis which increases the girth of your penis but for length the surgeon manipulates the penis cells to grow and this increases the length of your penis. The results of the surgery are not constant and permanent. The fat cells that are placed in your penis are re dis-solvable in your body when required after some time. There many drawbacks also of this surgery such as it may cause uneven curve to your penis which looks ugly, it may affect your erection power and the main threat is that it may cause impotency. The surgery is also very costly as you will have to spend about $4000-$10000 for this surgery.

Devices are the lot more safe method than surgery for penis growth. The main concern for you if you want to choose this option will be to search for the best and branded devices and the best stuff is on The devices are more effective and safer than surgery.

The device involves the process of stretching and creating suction on your penis. This suction and stretching creates pressure on your penis which increases the blood circulation in your penis and manipulation of your penis tissues.

With this manipulation the tissues are multiplied and the chambers are stretched to absorb more blood. This process helps to grow your penis size. But these devices are very complicated as they have many spare parts to use and it is confusing. The devices are to be used in 100% effective and prescribed manner else it may cause serious damage to your penis. These devices are not too costly but again it will cost you about $350-$700 per device.

These pills are again lot better method for penis enlargement from surgery and devices. These pills are time consuming but effective. But remember you will have to use herbal pills which are safe and effective as they consist of herbal ingredients which are not dangerous for your health.

If you will go for prescribed pills it will damage your health and body parts. These prescribed pills consist of harmful chemicals and synthetics that are very dangerous if consumed on regular basis. It will cause you heart problem and impotency. Good and effective herbal pills will cost you about $40-$70 only.

The most safe, effective and cheaper method for penis enlargement is exercises. Since ancient times, men are been using this method for penis enhancement as there were no surgeries and devices for this at that time and it was effective too. With change of time and introduction of technology men have become dependent on these devices for their penis enlargement and avoided to have hand exercises. These exercises are very cheap as they do not require any devices or pills for support. You can just use your hand and spend few minutes daily at your home to get new size.

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